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Endermologie Treatments

What is Endermologie?

Endermologie is an effective, non invasive and safe treatment for cellulite, body contouring, firming of sagging skin and lymphatic drainage. A machine is used, which is equipped with a massaging head with independent motorised rollers.

The action of these rollers is governed by the therapist, according to what the treatment goal of the client may be, ie. Cellulite smoothing/Contouring of stubborn fatty deposits/Firming of sagging skin or Drainage of water retention. In addition, the treatment head also manipulates the skin and fatty tissue with the aid of gentle aspiration (or suction.) The combination of these two functions restructures the skin’s connective tissue, and stimulates blood and lymph systems, freeing up the circulation to effectively dispose of toxins released into blood and tissue fluids.

This not only facilitates significantly improved removal of toxins, but also triggers the body’s process for fat elimination by greatly reducing the size of fat cells. Furthermore, treatment can be focused purely on the affected areas, offering intensive treatment and improved results.

Who is it for?

  • Any individuals who, despite concerted efforts to maintain a healthy weight and shape through diet and exercise, cannot seem to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat such as saddlebags, love handles, bingo wings etc.
  • Clients battling with cellulite despite successful dieting or good overall health.
  • Clients experiencing difficulties with dramatic figure changes caused by drastic fluctuations in hormones, often caused by pregnancy or menopause for example.
  • Clients who have been affected by dramatic weight gain followed equally by weight loss, which has resulted in the appearance of sagging skin caused by loss of elasticity.
  • Those who are suffering from sluggish circulation and or water retention (the Endermologie drainage programme is ideal for treating water retention during pregnancy – please check with your health professional in the case of severe water retention to rule out underlying complications.)
  • Those who have been recommended to have Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage.
  • Ideally, clients who are making some effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle in terms of their diet and exercise will find that Endermologie successfully addresses the issue of both toxicity and fat accumulation that is resistant to diet and exercise. Its treatment protocols focus on the following beauty goals:


Endermolift Facials

The Endermologie machine is also used to administer Endermolift facials, which also carry significant benefits for the appearance of the skin and underlying tissue on the face.

These benefits include:

  • Sculpting facial contours to slim down lower face and double chin
  • Clarifying a toxic or congested complexion
  • Replenishing structure and Redensifying fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firming skin - densifying at depth by stimulating dormant collagen fibres.

Endermolift treatments can be used as a stand alone facial, or added to one of our Elemis facials, to complement and increase the efficacy of both treatments.


Endermolift Treatments

Glowing Complexion Lift Treatment (15 mins)

£20 (Course of 10 £180)

Eye Lift Treatment (20 mins)

£25 (Course of 10 £225)

Collagen Activator Firming Treatment (30 mins)

£40 (Course of 10 £360)

Densifying Anti-wrinkle Treatment (30 mins)

£40 (Course of 10 £360)

Face Slimming Treatment (30 mins)

£40 (Course of 10 £360)

PLEASE NOTE: ALL ENDERMOLIFT BOOKINGS WILL REQUIRE THE CLIENT TO PURCHASE AN ENDERMOLIFT FITTINGS KIT IN ORDER TO CARRY OUT THE TREATMENT. This is a one-off purchase of £10 and your own personal kit will be used at each of your appointments, for your own safety and hygiene.

Endermologie Body Treatments

Single Session (35 mins)

£55 (Course of 15 @ 35min sessions £600)

Endermologie Drainage Session (30 mins)



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